You look just like your mother

I had left my home early in the morning, part 3


When my parents were leaving Armenia to move to Russia they took only the essential things with them, the big case with photos of family archive was left to relatives. Only in 2017, I found that case in my aunt’s house. It was the first time I saw the photographs of parents in their youth and in general this discovery has become very valuable for future work. In the archive, I found a lot of everyday photos, touching moments and also all of my mom’s pictures she took for passports and documents were there. They were black and white and diverse and from different times. Among them, I found my photo as well — the first picture for Russian immigration documents. I organized the shots and remembered about my collections of herbarium — flowers and plants which I gathered near our house in Armenia and Georgia. I took a few shots and put away this whole composition. Only when I got the scans of negatives I realized that this is exactly the image I once planned.