I was born in 1989 in Tbilisi (Georgia), lived in Armenia and now based and work in Sochi (Russia). My impulse to work begins with the discovery of archives. My family migrated a lot, so through photography and video, I explore memory, immigration, borders and national identity closely connected with the territories of the South Caucasus and the Black Sea coast. This is a way to return to childhood, to catch the charm of something native and very familiar, it is an attempt to find the clues to my past, because what was «before» determines what we have «now». These topics allow me to go beyond my personal story, which is not only about the history of a particular family, but about the entire generation of people living in the Caucasus after the collapse of the Soviet Union, who were forced to move in search for a better life. 

«I had left my home early in the morning» (2014-ongoing) is a project that splinters into several chapters and which I dearly love. From young age, I was deeply interested in the history of my family, so this project, which consists of photographs, collages, videos and a book, is a documentary research of the past through the prism of my personal history. Based on memories and family archives, I created an autobiographical visual journey to the places that used to be my home like Georgia and Armenia. The most significant additions to the project are the «Portrait of my father», as well as my self-portraits, where I recreate photos of my mother «You look just like your mother». 

Going through family archives, I found pictures of people completely unknown to me. This is how another project «На память» (2020) — a series of collages — was born, where I explore how personal experience, visual memory, text and history are intertwined, paying attention to issues of time and our perception of it. 

My current project is called «Курортное дело», the aim of which is to preserve and structure knowledge about Sochi, the formation of an archive base, and the development of interest in local history. I turn to the image of Soviet resorts and explore the principle of their organization.

 The project consists of archives of photojournalists, capturing the city chronicle in the 1960s and 70s, documents, patient records, drawings and scientific manuscripts, my father's personal archive, as well as my own photographs. Working on the project, I use the methods of juxtaposition, layering and collage. It is also important for me to involve residents and artists of the city in the project, as well as to make public programs: lectures, excursions and exhibitions. 

My work deals with contemporary art community as well. I am interested in working with the local context, interacting with people, that is why in April 2020, with a group of artists, we founded «Aerariy» for the development оf contemporary art in Sochi. «Aerariy» is about the interaction and support of creative people united by a common approach to art. 

Art for me is a process. I enjoy the process itself rather than the result when I do my projects.


2020 Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary Art (KISI);
2017/20 Studio Video Art, curator Antonio Geusa, Sochi, Russia; 
2017/18 Academy of photojournalism and documentary photography «Fotografika», St. Petersburg, Russia; 
2006/12 Sochi State University, Graphic Design, Sochi, Russia.

Selected Awards & Exhibitions:

2021 Group exhibition, Center for Contemporary Art Typography, Krasnodar, Russia;

2020 Solo exhibition 'Three stories', Aerariy/Portal. Sochi, Russia;

2020 Online solo exhibition galleryf11.com

2020 Shot list 'The New East Photo Prize 2020'; 

2020 Group exhibition, 'Present Past', Aerariy. Sochi, Russia;

2020 Solo exhibition, Untitled Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia;

2019 Solo exhibition, cafe Franz & Lissy, Ludwigshafen, Germany;

2019 Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum, Multimedia Production Lab Grant;

2019 Festival OFF Bratislava, group exhibition 'Between', Bratislava, Slovakia;

2018 Group exhibition 'Returning to the archives', SKLAD. Sukhum, Abkhazia

2018 'Looking at the other', 'Quattrologe' festival, N.Ostrovsky Literary Memorial Museum, Sochi, Russia; 

2018 Uglich Festival, group exhibition, Uglich, Russia;

2018 Winter International Arts Festival in Sochi, curator Antonio Geusa, Sochi, Russia; 

2018 CENTRE DE GRAVITÉ, Gallery of Classic Photography, Moscow, Russia;

2016 GRENZGÄNGE, Rudolf Scharpf Galeri, Ludwigshafen, Germany.



2020/21 Founder of self NGO Aerariy. Sochi, Russia;

2016/20 Founder and photographer, SHIPR Photo Studio. Sochi, Russia;

2016/17 Founder and graphic designer, PRAXIS. Sochi, Russia;

2012/15 Graphic designer, FLACON Design Factory. Moscow, Russia.